Naarden International Piano Festival was created to serve and nourish young pianists, that are about to graduate from the Conservatory and are ready to dive into the independent music world.

Young talents, hand picked for the “Discovery” Concert Series, will have an opportunity to personally meet well experienced Master Pianists, will receive their advice and guidance. They will also receive the opportunity to perform concerts, attended by Honorary Guests consisting from representatives of major concert halls, music agencies and record labels.

Festival will take place from 9th -11th of May 2019, in the cosy atmospheric concert hall “Bij Andreas” in Naarden Vesting, The Netherlands. Festival hosts two concert series: Master Pianist Concert Series and “Discovery” Concert Series. Audience will also get the chance to attend the interviews with pianists and members of the Honorary Guests.

You can find out more about the Naarden International Piano Festival in the welcoming messages of the Artistic Director, pianist, Nino Gvetadze and Executive Director Hankie Bruinsma Verbrugh.

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Artistic Director

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Executive Director

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